Welcome to Illpossessed's new homepage

Illpossessed does not exist anymore. This page is for those who still like the music and seek some info about the band. This is the only place on the web to do so.

the band is

Rune Nicolaj Pedersen: On vocal and guitar. Rune also write the lyrics. He was born in 1986 and committed suicide in 2005. Rune also played in some other bands: Dead Bushes, Sut & Fusker, Grindscorn, Frantana, Geronimo Jam, and more

Dennis Eriksen: At the drums. He and Rune started the band together. Dennis was born in 1984 and is still alive. Dennis also played in Melodic Meltdown for a while.

Rene Nyborg: At the bass. Rene was born in 1983, and is also still alive. Rene has never played in any other bands.

Morten Mulin: At guitar. Morten was born in 1980 and also still alive Morten have also played in a lot of bands: Dead Bushes, several unnamed bands, Failed, and now S.I.D.E

Brian Jensen: Took over the guitar after Morten left. Born 1979 and still alive. Brian also played in some other bands: Dead Bushes, Sut & fusker, Experimentet, and is now playing in S.I.D.E



Still under construction.